In 2012 I attended a workshop in Santa Fe, NM on Piezography black & white printing hosted by master print-maker Jon Cone. Shortly after returning, I was commissioned by Charles Gurd to scan, retouch and print over 135 b&w negatives from a project he completed in 1974 on the Mansions of Montréal.  After many hours of scanning & touching up the digital files, I printed a set of prints on 13×19″ Cone Type 5 soft gloss paper using his proprietary carbon based Selenium inkset. The results were wonderful—the images glowed with a warmth and depth that was reminiscent of silver prints from my darkroom days.

Upon completion, Charles donated a set to the McCord Museum in Montréal for their archives. Come June 15th, the museum will be exhibiting 40 of these prints until November 6th. 

I’m excited to be invited to attend the opening festivities, and will be flying back to attend for June 15th.