• Duo—Santa Fe, NM

  • Piano—Todos Santos, BCS

  • Ascent—Toronto Subway

  • Dusting—Toronto

  • Chairs in Fog—Brentwood Bay

  • Farm—Shawnigan Lake

  • Jetty—Port Credit, Ontario

  • Rock Bay—towards Victoria

  • Rock Bay—towards Victoria

  • Untitled—Kamloops

  • Shopping for Clothes—Victoria

  • Sharp Dressed—Mississauga

  • Mystic Wallscape—Victoria

  • Billiard Hall—Todos Santos, BCS

  • Rubble—Victoria

  • People Use This Door—Chinatown, Victoria

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Odds & Sods—single images or two or more that are part of a larger project that is either in progress or abandoned. Diptychs. Patchwork. Multi-frame panoramics. Various software & hardware: cell phones, plastic lens, point & shoots, film, digital. Near and far.

Hits, misses, experiments.