• 761 Nicola—Kamloops

  • The Fan—Lee Creek

  • $2ea—Brentwood Bay

  • Summer in the Park—Kamloops

  • Alley Kids—Toronto

  • A Boy & His Bow—Brentwood Bay

  • Jude & Faro—Kamloops

  • At the Station—Armstrong, Ontario

  • Summer—Hedley

  • Young Students—Mississauga

  • Tim—Bolton, Ontario

  • Spadina Ave—Toronto

  • Friends—Kamloops

  • Clare & Laura—Port Credit, Ontario

  • David & Arnie—Vancouver

  • #3 Earlscourt Avenue—Toronto 1980

  • Bill—Kirkfield, Ontaio

  • Rest—Toronto

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Throughout my career and travels, I’ve collected random photographs of the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, sometimes formally, most often informally.

As I age, I find more and more that these images now become a memory trigger—places I’ve been and the adventures had. I can feel the moment, hear the sounds, feel the heat or cold. Many of these people were strangers to me, passing by, while others are momentary acquaintances, falling into conversation and departing with portrait in hand. Family and friends, many now just memories.

I find I photograph people more infrequently these days, though still seize the opportunity when presented.