Travels With Diana (hi-res / low-fi images with the Diana plastic lens)

  • Cow Canyon

  • Wild River Expeditions

  • Blind in Bluff

  • Wholesale Retail

  • On the way to the funeral we stopped for lunch...

  • Canyon Graveyard

  • Sentinels

  • Metchosin Grove 1

  • Midnight Oasis

  • Saltspring Lament

  • Vanished

  • Roadside Bouquet

  • Tree Bones

  • Abandon

  • Cranberry Dreams

  • Black Horse, White Horse

  • Coming Home 1

  • Coming Home 2

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While attending  a workshop in Santa Fe in 2012 I was gifted a toy plastic lens by Cathy Cone after admiring a portfolio of her prints produced with this lens. The toy, plastic Diana lens used in conjunction with a digital camera body (hi-res low fi) imparts a soft, impressionist quality, not fully sharp or in focus with occasional diffuse haloed edges that glow seductively. An air of mystery and intrigue is added, imparting a slightly off-kilter sense of fiction, stories that welcome further exploration and thought.

These images are a part of my ongoing ‘Modern Landscape’ project that incorporates different series of photographs taken while on road trips, both near and far.